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Covid-19 got yer salad lookin like a mullet? brother I got the ride for you!

1977 Mustang Cobra II
Clean title, solid body and floors, no rust holes in that chassis friend, she’ll rip I turned that 128 horse 5.0 boat anchor in to a coffee table and threw in a 306 stroker engine with GT40 heads, comp cams high energy flat tappet cam, 1.7 roller rockers, cross plane manifold, holley 750 carb and remote oil filter. this car will stay cool all day, just like you with its aluminum 3 core radiator and oil cooler. I even threw in an extra gear with a T5 WC trans swap from 95 cobra.

one wheel peels? no sir not in this rig! let the waffle house waitresses know you love em by spelling their names in the lot with tire smoke courtesy of that 8.8 true track rear end swap. GM large rotor front brake swap, new brake booster, master and lines’ll stop ya quick when you blow by the turn to the ABC store. car comes complete with limited edition trash vinyls, take her to the meet or daily drive her she runs and drives great. the wipers dont work but all the other electronics do crank some tunes and let that salad sore through the breeze brother.

asking 6K or best offer.

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