First, holy crap does that course not stick to the schedule. Course was supposed to run from 8:30 to 3:30 yesterday and we got done at 5:30. Today was supposed to finish up at 11:30. We were done at 2.

Other than that, though, the course was fantastic. My only complaints were that the actual skills test should have been a bit harder. I passed with a score of 5 (more points means a worse score) due to getting confused by a cone layout on the first exercise. Every other exercise went smoothly.

I need to work on my low-speed box skills as I only successfully completed that a handful of times vs. numerous attempts. However, once we got to the box I was getting pretty tired and knew I was getting sloppy. I found the written test to be a little challenging just because I took the e-course about three weeks ago and didn’t look over it before taking the MSF course. Still, it wasn’t really a problem once I thought through the questions.

The verdict on getting a bike is still out, though. The class was fun and I had a blast. I also liked the cbr250r I was on. But, I’m not certain it’s something I really want to pursue further. I still consider myself more of a car guy. And, while bikes are more fun than cars, I don’t think they are THAT much more fun.

Conclusion: Definitely recommend. Learned some good skills. Gives you a good sample of riding a bike before committing to a purchase.