For years i have been wanting a motorcycle and recently the want was strong. In my 28 years of life i had never swung a leg over a motorcycle. I decided to enroll in the MSF course, it is offered for free for military members at i believe only certain bases. It wasn’t very complicated as i know the mechanics of it all. I’ve driven manual transmission cars for years so using the clutch and learning to shift came pretty easily.

I now am at the point if i should purchase a motorcycle. As fun as it was i live in San Antonio so the riding conditions around here aren’t very ideal. Idiot drivers everywhere you look. If i get a bike it would probably be a weekend toy, looking at something like a Honda CB500F or a Yamaha FZ-07. Might be a better idea to get a beater at first to master the craft as well as i can before deciding to get something more expensive/powerful. I will be on craigslist daily to see what my options are.


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