No idea what made me notice this. One minute, I was surfing Google Images for pictures of 1975-78 Chargers and Cordobas (don’t judge me, I have a thing for fat chicks) and the next, I am completely obsessed with figuring this out. I have now found several images of mid-size Australian Mopars (Valiant CM and Valiant VH, mostly) from the 70s fitted with what appears to be Oldsmobile steel rally wheels. SSIIs, to be exact. From my exhaustive research (5 minutes on Google), it seems that A-body Mopars have a 5-lug 4-inch bolt circle, while midsize GMs of the time period had a 5-lug 4.75-inch bolt circle. Anyone have experience with both American and Australian muscle cars that can straighten me out?

just so you see I’m not completely crazy...


So am I crazy, or are these Oldsmobile wheels? Or does it really not matter in the scheme of things, and I should focus on something important like getting a second job so someday I can afford that Hemi Charger I keep drooling over at the local Dodge dealer?