Finally got this thing all hooked up!

Ran some 1/2" Type L copper from this compressor in the corner to the hose reel by the front doors and added another line to the workbench. Dunno if the bench one will get much use, but it was easy to install now in the interest of “future-proofing”.


All of the horizontal runs up near the “ceiling” have a nice gentle slope to drain condensation back towards a drip tee by the compressor. There are additional drip tees at the workbench and hose reel, placed just after a small riser to help baffle and control moisture.

I might add some lengths of hoses to these drain valves at a later time to route drainage outside, but I’m pretty please with the setup so far.

I ended up cutting some of the old hose to custom lengths to use as flex hose, secured to barbed fittings via ear clamps. The piece at the compressor turned out a little sharper than I wanted it, but that was necessary to ensure that it wouldn’t sag. It’s not kinking though, so my concern is merely aesthetic. Plenty of flex to insulate the hard line from vibrations. And so far, no leaks! Hopefully it stays that way as the temperature changes.


I could have plumbed this a little tidier, tighter against the hose reel, but I wanted to keep the regulator within easy reach without having to grab a stepstool, so this is fine.


I’ll have to finish boxing up the compressor booth though. It’s vented outside, but there are still some gaps around the shelving unit to fill. And I still haven’t decided how to go about dampening the sound. I might just grin and bear it for a while, but at some point I do want to do something to take the edge off. According to a decibel meter app I downloaded, it runs at about 85 dB. Not painfully loud, but you can’t really talk over it.

Most importantly, it runs pretty good! And I can start building an air tool collection now. In the meantime, it won’t cycle nearly as often as the little old 10 gal one did, so that’s nice. And with that, we’re just about out of excuses to drag our feet on the Saab. Gotta get that thing welded up and put back together!

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