So a friend of mine is driving from Maine to New Orleans next weekend in his 22X,000 mile Volvo V70 base wagon. Decent car, looks like a regular old Maine "beater with a heater", but runs well. However he was not aware you had to have your timing belts changed on these cars, like it is very important. I checked through his records, and it was last done at 106K, and the belt is TIRED on visual inspection. He does not have any clue how to work on cars, but I said I would help him out if he stripped it down to the belt since I dont have 4 hours to get it done before then. I would do the water pump and t-belt, spin the engine a couple times to verify, and he could reassemble, armed with youtube and the interwebs. How bad is this going to go, and should I just shuffle stuff around to do the whole job myself?