So glad to be leaving this job soon. Apparently the following cars were at some little local cruise. He always starts out with the truth and had pictures for very reasonable and believeable cars. Things like C7 Z06 at a chevy dealership, a handful of movie cars and old gassers, typical assortment of 60s/70s muscle.......and then things go into compulsive liar territory. So an hour and a half got eaten up by him trying to tear me away from my work to tell me complete BS. Among the hgihlights

-A 1950s Bugatti (WOW! One of 7! In west Michigan? Oh that's wrong)

-A 1980s K-car with, in his own words "440 Hemi Cuda drivetrain swap with stock interior, exterior, and wheels"

-An honest to goodness former LeMans winning Ford GT50 (I tried to correct that it was the GT40 but he insisted it wasn't, even if that part is

-Personal favorite of the bunch is the kid who bought his old 90s cherokee turned it into some gem of the show and proved that he was right all along and the body wasn't rusted too far at all (LOL NOPE! Most of the panels were gone when he sold it)

My reaction during all of this:


Enjoy the patrick george gif for reading