So I’m sort of sitting here, debating on what I should go for with Project Dragonsong V2 (a build I had recently completed and sold), whether I should keep it small or go big in the pursuit of cooling efficiency and maximum performance possible, and I’ve touched on the idea of getting a Corsair 900D (hoping that their quality has improved over the last 3 years.)

The only problem was figuring out how this system would perform in terms of cooling, as obviously, I’m cooling this one by water. Despite that, air would have to play a crucial role still (motherboard, RAM, what else did I miss?) and I’m wondering if I should go for a positive air pressure (more intake fans than exhaust, keeping dust out but a possible issue of stagnant air spots = components heating up over time if fresh air isn’t a thing) or Negative Air Pressure (opposite - more exhaust fans than intake, dust gets in and components obviously heat up).

What a strange, yet interesting issue.