New software ordered, but it hasn’t shipped yet. I tried the X-Plane 11 demo on the Mac side and it ran with acceptable smoothness (~30 FPS) on this older (GTX 670) video card, so I went ahead and placed an order. I’ll have to compare the performance to the Windows side and see if it makes a difference which OS I use, but I’d just prefer to stay on the Mac side if possible. I’ll probably need to grab another SSD, and figure that one of the cheap 120 GB units I’ve seen for sale locally will probably be sufficient. This Friday might also be the time I go for a GPU upgrade, but it depends on what I find in the return section at Micro Center or on CL.

It’s a good thing that this was a 3-day weekend.

I finally got frustrated with the various errors that the SFF Dell was giving me and yanked the parts and put them in the unused tower version of the same machine. It took a little while to get Windows 7 to boot in less than 20 minutes, but I finally got that figured out (anti-virus software issue). Now I can dual-boot 7 and 10 on that machine as well as using it as a DVR. I just need to get the antenna situation squared away (maybe I can get the landlord to let me put something big on the roof to capture some stations across the river over in IL). Dual (or more) tuners would be nice, but that too can wait.


HP Hackintosh also got a little attention. I finally sealed up the switching board for the second power supply in an enclosure, so I’m one step closer to mounting that second PS inside the machine; I just need to figure out how to run AC to the front of the case to make that happen. The three hard drives were placed in a cooled rack that fills two 5.25" bay. The third bay has a combination notebook DVD-RW drive and memory card reader, but I couldn’t find a cable to connect that card reader to the MB. I don’t know if one came with it or if I need to order one, but it’s not terribly important at this time. I still have room for 2-3 more hard drives, although I am out of SATA ports. There is one PCI slot left, so I can probably toss a card in there. I am a little worried about power, but I can just replace the supplemental 250W unit with something larger, although it won’t fit inside the case. I wish I had a big-ass HP server case like I used to work with back in the ‘90s:


Back to binge watching Archer. I’ll have to find season 8 as it’s not on Netflix. Can’t wait for season 9 to start.