Computer help, Please

So, yeah. I upgraded some things, and things worked for a bit, and now things are not working. In the olden days, this would have been a pretty simple issue to sold, i.e. the hard drive is dying and you need a new one. But these aren’t the olden days. First, the specs:

Gigabyte GA-z87-D3HP mobo
Intel i7 4770k CPU
2 blu-ray drives
Sparkle GTX 580 (out now, was using as PhysX)
Samsung EVO 850 2 TB SSD
Crucial M500 480 GB SSD

So a couple of days ago, I started having random BSOD issues after I refreshed the Win10 install on the EVO. Initially, I just cloned the M500 drive over, but decided to start fresh with the new 1070, etc. It had an unspecified error during the refresh, but recovered and seemed to work fine.

I figure one crash, maybe a fluke, I was loading things. But a couple more, and I start digging in, Well, I noticed a lot of errors in the event viewer, all dealing with the Samsung SSD (drive0). In particular, I saw storahci errors, resets to drive 0, and IO error writing to LBA errors. Like I said, in the old days, HDD is going bad, but with SSDs it’s not that simple. They are supposed to auto-recover from bad sectors, and a bunch of smart things like that. I ran SMART tests, and even a full chkdsk on restart, and no errors at all reported with the drive. I mean, at the very least, SMART should report something, right?


Now, there are reports of earlier SSDs using the Sandforce controllers not being compatible with the Z87 chipset, but supposedly that was all solved. It feels like it might be a compatibility issue, but likely a driver issue since it worked with the cloned drive before i refreshed Win10, but I don’t know. It’s also possible that it’s a power issue, since the whole thing started when I installed the GTX 1070, and left the 580 in there, but I have a nice 1000W PS, so I can’t see how that’s possible. I’ve since removed the 580, but that was last night and I hadn’t had any time to do a burn in to see if the errors popped up.

Any oppos have any ideas, or any similar experience?

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