Computer Networking Wizards, Need Some Advice

EDIT: Fixed! Thanks Tripper for the insight!

CFD image of a Formula 3 car for your time.


I have a server to use as a CFD solver / whatever else I can number-crunch for personal projects, currently running Windows 7. I’m remoted in no problem, has network access on a workgroup (no domain), it’s stable.

I’m trying to set up a share HDD so I can prep/mesh solves on my main computer then copy them over without having to FTP in. I can copy to the Public folder no problem, however that’s on a smaller SSD and I’m not wanting to waste writes and storage space on that drive. I can create a Project folder on a different drive that shares just fine across the network, however I’m getting permission denied and all my attempts to add my main computer user to the allowed list isn’t working. In essence I am unable to add user “COMPUTER\\tromoly” to a permissions list for a shared folder on “SOLVER\\sherlock” (yes that’s the username and intentional).

Internet searches have been the equivalent of “add your user and it works!”, but I just can’t get it to work. Any thoughts on what to try? Thanks in advance for any help.

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