Computer or Tablet Guidance Needed

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I am hoping the bright computer minds in here can lend a hand. I currently don’t have a computer. I would like to get a laptop or Surface or similar in order to tune my Holley Sniper and do some actual computing - nothing heavy duty, no games, no folding (whatever that is), just the basics - internet, spreadsheets and probably the occasional movie.


My requirements are as follows: used or refurbished, must run Windows (10 would be best), can be a Windows tablet, must have a USB input, must not be so slow that it’s hard to use. This will likely be used for tuning about 90% of the time. 

I would like to spend no money at all on this purchase. However, I am a realist and so my budget is somewhere in the $30o range.


For the last two years I have used a Surface Pro and it has been great. Easy to use, portable, plenty of power, okay battery life, etc. The problem is that they are very spendy.

Does anyone have any experience with the Surface 3? It seems to tick all the boxes. Or is there a better option? I literally know as little as possible about computers so even reading the descriptions is an exercise in confusion.


Any good sites to browse for cheap laptops?

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