As cliche as it is, I’ve made some goals to accompish this year; especially now that I’ve grown up a lot and life has become a lot better for myself over the last year and a half; having graduated from the time where I was completely lost and depressed student.

One of my goals is to redevelop my interests, skills, and hobby that is photography. In the past, I had a 2009 MB Pro that I used as my main editing rig with the full Adobe suite installed. However, as time passed, it no longer became realistic to use a dinosaur that had slowed tremendously. My current computer, an ASUS something that I’ve used throughout the second half of my college years have served me well and continues to run strong for general browsing and use, but it isn’t a rig I’m comfortable to download expensive software onto given it’s age. Which brings me to my months-long search of buying or building an all around computer, preferably portable, to edit and work with (reports, browsing, and Netflix). As much I would like for another MB Pro for it’s ease of use, I just can’t justify the cost for something that’s blatantly designed for obsolescence.


That said, I’m looking for suggestions for my next laptop or desktop. While building my own is beyond my skillset and knowledge, it’s still an option I’m entertaining

Note: I use Windows 10 at work and my iPhone mostly when away, and rarely need to use a computer when at home; so it’s more of a want than a need — which may be more of a splurge if I get the promotion I’m working towards.


My other goals include taking up running and to be more physically active, to have better self-care and love, to become more spontaneous, to continue put myself out there more, date, and enjoy life, to continue to take every opportunity to grow, learn, and build. It’s such a relief when you find clarity, and I honestly feel reborn in a way. Looking back at old photos, it’s amazing how much I’ve matured emotionally and as a person, as well as how much has changed in my life in the past year - with the people and things I’ve experienced, welcomed, and let go of.

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