I never got around to posting the finished product of my mostly new build from last week, so here it is:

I discovered that the blue led lights on the GPU fan can’t be turned off, so I may eventually order some new fans without lights for the card. I grudgingly set the rest of the lighting to match in a steady light blue color. I don’t hate the lighting, but I don’t love it either.


Specs that matter:

MSI X470 Gaming 7 AC

Ryzen 7 1700 (pulled from my old PC, a 2700x or Ryzen 3000 upgrade will probably happen later in the year)

32 GB Corsair vengence LPX @3200mhz

Sapphire Nitro SE RX590

EVGA 280mm CPU cooler

Crucial MX500 500gb SSD and a Toshiba 1tb HDD (also pulled from the old machine)

I’m a happy camper with the final result. I’ve got the case in an open airflow configuration, and the noise is pretty minimal. It certainly moves a lot of air. The only downside to such a large case is that some of the cable management on the backside was compromised by the length of cables. I’ve got the machine running a very conservative 3.4ghz all core over clock, and things stay quiet and cool. It runs things like F12018 at 1080p with all the settings maxed at 80+FPS. This build should work nicely now, with plenty of upgrade options down the road.


Shelby hung out on the spare bed and closely supervised my work.


Any Oppos need some ram? Wanna run 32gb of DDR4 at 2400mhz in dual channel? 32 GB (2x16gb sticks) of Sk Hynix DDR4, clocked at 2400mhz. One was the original stick from the old Dell machine, and one was bought new by me to match. Different date codes, but the same part number (HMA82GU6AFR8N) and run fine in dual channel. Never overclocked, used for just over a year in the old machine. Call it $125 shipped to North America.

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