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So my 2011 MacBook Pro finally shit the bed yesterday. Looks like a motherboard failure. Don’t have the funds or the interest in a new one, so I’m thinking of picking up a refurbished i7 surface book first gen. Anybody have any experience? I can pick up a 256 gb 16 gb ram model for just about $900 before 5% back through amazon.

Other options are probably a lenovo yoga or dell xps model, but I haven’t priced those out yet. Use would be coding for school (another reason not to go back to Mac and deal with VMs) and light photo/video work. I really like the idea of having 3:2 aspect ratio on a laptop and the pen/screen glitches seem to have been solved with firmware updates.


Will probably reformat the 500 gb ssd and toss it in my desktop for additional storage if possible. Is it worth selling the 4 gb ddr3 sticks if they’re still good? Any advice helps.

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