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Computerlopnik: Help. Please help.

My laptop - HP 15 - is suddenly having keyboard issues. Some keys are doing things they ought not to be doing. Only just started doing this as of today.


The u and y keys automatically move the cursor behind the u or v. So if you type “YouTube,” you’ll actually get “otbeuuy.” Or a simpler example: if you “user,” you’ll get “seru.” If you type “boy,” you get boy but your cursor shifts behind the b.

The function key now types “6.”

The right arrow key is now a “7.”

The left arrow key is also a “u” that also automatically moves the cursor back.

I tried a system restore. I tried setting a new default US keyboard in the control panel. And yes, I tried turning it off and on again.


Help! What the hell can I do? :(

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