Computerlopnik: The good Swedes

For those following my computerlopnik escapades of the last week, the new case came today. Amazon sent me a Fractal Design Define R6, with the USB-C front port and tempered glass side panel so I can enjoy staring at my future machine. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a use for a front USB-C port in the future, and I’m a sucker for tempered glass.


Ellie was displeased that a substitute Postman rang the door bell, so she had to threaten to eat him while rearing up and pounding her front paws on the door. All our regular delivery drivers have learned to park at the next house down and never ring the door bell.

I’m a happy camper with this case purchase. Everything on this case seems well thought out and the attention to detail is top notch. I proceeded to strip the case down for the build and set it up for the open configuration. I’m not running a bunch of drives, so I’ll opt for undisturbed airflow from the front of the case. My SSDs that will be the boot drive and steam library will mount on the PSU shroud, and the 3.5" HDD for media storage will mount on the backside. I can see this case being around for many builds down the road.


Now I just need more parts to show up from Amazon.


As always, thanks Oppo for being a place where I babble about things I’m interested in. I hope your Mondays have been as good as can be expected.

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