*EDIT* - The 10$ notebook is literally a special edition paper notebook that looks like a razer laptop when closed. Neat, but also not a 10$ laptop. You may return to your regularly scheduled evening.

My motorola has been overheating a lot lately between juggling slack, using google maps, and multitasking in general so I was looking for a cheap flagship to replace it with. I also did recently get into more mobile games so I decided to get a Razer Phone 2 since it’s on clearance for 500$ brand new.

Illustration for article titled Computeropnik - Is this deal legit? (EDIT: It *is*, just not what I thought it was)

The kicker was a coupon code “AFFNBOOK”. This adds a “Limited Edition Razer Blade Stealth” to your order for 10$ to cover shipping. I am not seeing this code advertised anywhere but some coupon sites. Is there something I’m missing here? I added it to the cart, obviously, and I’m seeing my order is being processed and shipped as normal.


If you’re interested, the deal runs until the 31st (or maybe until supplies run out?). Any order over 99$ is technically eligible.

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