There is really no organization of thoughts here. Just rant style what I’m considering for a computer.

I turned 18 in February. My parents said they’d get me a nice new computer as a birthday/ high school graduation present. Right now I use a 2011 Mac Mini with 4gb of ram as well as a Lenovo Thinkpad twist with 4gb of ram. I bought both of these myself, the Mini my freshman year of high school and the Thinkpad my sophomore year after getting my first job. Both have i5s (very similar i5s if I’m correct) and both choke on most of the stuff I do. I use 3ds Max, Adobe Suite (Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator), Game Maker (will be using less of this in College), Unreal engine, and AutoCAD.

I’m going to college for Industrial Design and most of the people there use Macbook pros. I kinda want one but they’re expensive. I know I could build or get a higher end PC laptop for much less than that but I’m not crazy about windows 8 and most higher end PC laptops are kinda bulky.

Another option is upgrading my 4gb of memory in the Mini to 16gb but as the thing is 4 years old already the rest of the hardware only has about 2 more years left. Maybe ram upgrade for now.

I really like the Macbook Pro. I’d get a 13 inch with the ram upgraded, which is discounted with the education pricing. I’d also buy a copy of windows 7 and run it from boot camp and eventually have it as my main machine. I plan on keeping both my current computers. Using the mini with it’s 1.25 tb of HD for photos and music while I have my lightweight ThinkPad for classes. And the Macbook pro for rendering/ content creation. A Macbook pro with my specs (figure i can go for the 128gb since I have the mini for storage) is about $1400, which I’d have to pay half of.