quick doodle of what I’m planning for the β€˜68 Saab.

The car will basically be modified in the way the β€˜68 and β€˜69 Saab entries in the Baja 1000 were. Which is - surprisingly little. Reinforced suspension with double shocks up front. Big tires. Skid plate. Lots of lights. I won’t be doing the over-the-roof exhaust because I want to keep the car street legal (nor do I feel like fabricating the headers or relocating the battery to make room for it.

The β€˜67 entry had a doofy looking (homemade?) lightbar, which I decided would be better replaced by a roof rack. One for a VW beetle can be adapted with a minimum of bending the legs to fit the gutters on the Saab.

Before that happens though the car will need the usual front end rebuild and brake work, which is about $600 in parts, as well I need to source a radiator and some of the missing engine parts and a windshield.