Interesting article I thought my fellow Opponauts might want to comment on:

Thoughts? (EDIT: article is in a popular Canadian personal-finance magazine and does have a Canadian slant to it; things may differ in the USA or overseas)

Disclosure: I live in a Canadian city of about one-million residents and I rent a "condo-like" apartment. I can pay extra to have a parking spot (the landlord owns a bunch of the properties around the block so he can accommodate most requests, with some notice).

Over the last few years, I've had times where I've rented and others where I've not rented a spot.

Even when I didn't own a car, using a car-sharing service instead, I found it convenient to be able to say to guests, "yeah, just use my spot!"


I'm not sure I'd want to buy a condo that didn't come with at least one parking spot. Even if I didn't own a car, what about weekends where I wanted to rent one? (ran into that problem at the apartment sometimes)