I’m on an hour call so I decided to do a quick project that I have had laying around FOREVER.

My 80gb 5th gen iPod classic has a nearly beat battery and a failing hard drive. It still works, but when I tried to use iPod rip to get all of the music off of it, it failed. After that I went ahead and bought a new battery, a 128 gb sd card, and an iFlash solo.

I’m really good at working with small things, but I took my time opening the iPod as it has NEVER been out of it’s case and is still mint. 7 minutes later...

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Old battery pops out, new one goes in (I used the same adhesive, just heated it a little first). Plug the battery into the board and the iFlash (not pictured) into the HD cable, SD card in slot. Done. iTunes is loading up now. Impressed/bummed at how easy this was. The iFlash solo is very well designed.

Happy Tuesday!

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