You know, I'm not a real big fan of most of Toyota's sedans as of late. I do like some the Tacoma and 4Runner though. But, the Avalon is the one car Toyota makes that I really rather like.

It's quite the looker in my eyes. Understated but attractive. Much better than the new Camry. I can't call it best in class, because in my eyes the Impala looks a bit better, but still, pretty damn good looking. I will say a beige one managed to catch my eye in traffic today.


The interior is, dare I say, downright attractive. That dash makes me feel funny things. Which is something I usually wouldn't say about a Toyota's dashboard. I'm sure it's all well screwed together, too.

My only gripe with the car really is the engine. It's the same 268 horsepower 3.5L V6 Toyota has been using since god knows how long. Now, 268 is all fine and well, but in a world where main competitors are nearing or making over 300 horsepower from their V6s, Toyota needs to step up their game. I'm sure the driving dynamics are on the isolated side of the scale, but it's a large sedan, I wouldn't expect to be blown away by its superb driving dynamics.

Overall though, if I was shopping big comfy sedans like this, I'd probably be looking at this and the Impala.


But, that's not saying I wouldn't end up with a Charger... because well, Charger.

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