If I were to ever to purchase something along the lines of a Porsche 928, or BMW 8-Series V12, I’d probably have it in automatic flavor. Both of those cars are more grand tourers than anything and nothing is added or subtracted to the car by the transmission that comes attached to it.

I’m a bit of a manual snob from time to time, I admit it. Even though I honestly don’t want to be one. There’s nothing wrong with driving an automatic car and making people feel bad for not wanting to have a manual transmission car isn’t cool. I’d like to always have at least one car with manual transmission, but who knows.


There’s just certain cars that I’d have to have with manual transmission, then certain cars that I honestly could care less if they were manual or not. For instance, I wouldn’t have bought my A6 if it wasn’t equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, but if I was to buy a 928 I honestly could care less what transmission it had. Still an awesome car, not changing that.

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