I love this rusty piece of shit more than any car I’ve ever driven or owned.

Spent a few hours getting it driving again today since I’ve got the other e30 listed for sale. Was considering doing a package deal but IDK after driving her around the block. Might just drive it till she falls in half.

Shouldnt have taken me so long, all I did was put two halfshafts in and change some coolant hoses. Turns out the hoses weren’t even the issue the clamps had sheared but the hoses were old and the new ones were cheap.

If any of you are buying a new halfshafts for an e30 spend the extra money for a gkn or BMW shaft. 20minutes to do the driver side with my old original shaft. Took much longer on the passenger side, had to keep sanding down the splines to get them to go into the hub. The boot on the diff flange side was also too large and I had to use a mallett to get the bolt heads past the crimp ring. Not ideal for the CV joint but 50$ shaft so I didn’t really give a shit.


Brakes are fucked though, rusted all to hell. I’ll probably pick up the cheapest rotors and pads money can buy. Seemed like the calipers freed up so shouldn’t have to replace those.

Window decided it only wants to rolls down 1/8" now too, which didn’t happen before I parked her.


Engine runs great though.