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Confession: My MR2 Suspension is Pretty Bad

That is NOT supposed to be cracked like that...
That is NOT supposed to be cracked like that...

My shocks are apparently dead and I guess I just have nonexistent standards for “ride quality.” These rubber suspension mounts are shot too. What’s the best replacement?


Basically I can either try to find factory-spec replacement parts, or go aftermarket. My mechanic told me that coilovers might actually be cheaper and simpler than trying to source a factory setup.

Advantages of each:

Factory-Spec Parts

  • Preserves “stock” status and maybe resale value too
  • Still get to compete in stock autocross classes
  • Might be a comfier ride


  • More options on the market
  • Adjustability
  • Comprehensive — the right set will replace the cracked rubber mounts too
  • Ease of install


I’m just hoping for a less bouncy ride. I’ve had trouble finding any factory-spec replacement parts on the internet. While it would be nice to keep it “100% stock,” I don’t know if that’s worth the extra time or money. What’s the smoothest way forward?

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