This post was the inspiration for this post. I've never understood what all the hate the Avenger got was for. Yes, before Fiat got a hold of Chrysler, the power trains were lacking. But, what Dodge vehicle didn't have a crap motor unless it had a Hemi. Now with the Pentastar, it has ample power for a relatively cheap price, as show earlier with The Cheapest Horsepower You Can Buy Today.

Styling wise, it does a good job looking like a little muscle car. The pre-refresh car had some square edges that have been rounded out to make, what I think, is one of the more attractive mid-sized(ish) offerings on sale today. It especially looks good in the blue as shown above. There is one downside to the styling though and that would be rearward visibility.

The inside is perfectly fine for a cheap, entry level sedan. I wouldn't exactly call it class leading, but I'm positive there are worse offerings on the market. The seats are relatively comfortable (at least in the '09 R/T I ride in a lot) if they haven't changed them since Fiat took over, I'd call them all day comfortable. It has a good stereo as well, so long as you don't go for the bottom rung, non-touchscreen version.


I can't speak for much on the post 2011 version, but I can speak for earlier versions. Yes, it is average to drive. But, who outside of car enthusiasts really care about how hard you can put a car into a corner before it under-steers into a tree? For the average consumer, it drives just fine. It's not a BMW and it wasn't designed to drive like one. It was built to be a comfortable sedan for a Mopar fan.

(Identical to my girlfriend's mom's car)

My girlfriend's mom is perfectly happy with her Avenger. And it actually does catch people's attention. She says she gets complemented all the time on it, actually. She thinks it's a comfortable, attractive sedan that drives perfectly fine for what it is. She even likes the interior amenities, just not all the plastic. She wants to trade up to a new one before they go out of production. I wouldn't mind having one, either. And I know there are actually a lot of people who like them, as I see more and more every day.