I don't want to incriminate myself with many details but let's just say it has something to do with a very improper use of a right-hand turn lane - and its associated highway entry lane. I was awake and alert and I had a huge sight-line; traffic to my left was packed but to my right there wasn't anything, not even on the road on the perpendicular. Was it safe at that moment? I guess technically it was - I'm here after all, and nobody else got hurt or injured. Does that mean it's still safe? Hell no.

So why did I do it? Because a guy ahead of me was trying to box me in (or maybe not - I simply don't know) and something just clicked on my mind - there as an opportunity and I seized it. But it wasn't an opportunity for seizing in the first place. It was simply illegal and exactly the type of thing that wouldn't qualify me for Nationwide safe driving discounts (yeah I'm watching the commercial as I type this). Either way, I didn't want to escalate any more potential road-rage so I simply took another route home to completely avoid the guy boxing me in. Incidentally, in the process I discovered a faster route home anyway.

I suppose I should feel happy that that was the most reckless thing I can remember doing on the road, but it doesn't excuse what I did. I think the lesson I'm going to take from this is to modify my commute routine so hopefully I won't feel so frustrated or a pressing need for, what we call in the aviation industry "get-home-itis" and be tempted to seize such "opportunities" in the future.

What about you, OppoLock? I know at least some of you have tried some risky behavior. You don't have to give all the details because we're not incriminating anyone here - but feel free to confess all your road sins here.