I like the G63 AMG.

I am okay with people buying and driving the Toyota Prius.

I don't care for the Miata (but I do respect it).

I think creature comforts and optional extras are often a good thing.

I have no objection to automatic-transmissioned vehicles.

Most of the time, I will refuse to object to anything , "based on principal" or "under a blanket statement". This includes the idea of "built not bought", anti-fanyboying (there is not a car company in the world that I wouldn't drive at least one model of), old vs. new cars, and any other generalization people make against things.

I am totally, 100%, without any shame, okay with Porsche making the Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, and whatever else they want to make. It actually irritates me when people complain about them (apart from complaining that the Panamera is ugly, because it is).

I prefer to buy a car from a dealer vs. off Craigslist, although I would buy a car off Craigslist.


Formula 1, and most forms of motorsport, do not interest me.

On that note, I would totally participate in the Gumball 3000.

I do not subscribe to the idea of beating/thrashing/hooning one's car, and wouldn't buy a cheap car, or any car, just so I could trash it (spirited driving is okay, needless destruction is not).


I do not object to the idea of using a luxury car/sports car/SUV as a commuter/DD. Don't listen to people who complain about "wasting a car's potential". Drive whatever makes you happy.

I don't mind crossovers.

I don't have any desire to keep my car going to an absurdly high mileage, and I buy into the idea of lower mileage=higher reliability.


Someone driving a lousy car doesn't mean they have bad taste or aren't smart, it means cars aren't their thing.

I will add more if I think of them.