Configure Your Dream Garage [Edition 1]

So, this is a new series that I'll be doing. Basically, I give you some criteria, and then you hit automakers' websites in an attempt to configure your dream garage based on said criteria.

Here are the limitations for the first round:

  • Total vehicle cost may not exceed $120,000.
  • You have two garage bays to fill.

As you can see, I'm going fairly easy on you. (Later on, we'll get into country of origin restrictions and whatnot.) Here's how I'd spend my money:

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat ($67,075)

Because Hellcat. No manual tranny option on the Charger for whatever reason.


BMW 328i xDrive Wagon ($52,900)

Daily driver, since it's a wagon. Unfortunately you can't get a manual on this one either.


Now it's your turn. Get going!

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