Configure Your Dream Garage [Edition 2]

I brought out the first installment of my new, irregular CYDG series last weekend, and the responses were fantastic! Now, it's on to the second round, with slightly different restrictions than last time.

  • All cars in the garage must be of American origin (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Tesla, etc.).
  • You have two garage bays to fill. No more, no less.

Notice how I haven't included anything about financial restrictions. That's because there aren't any! Here's how I'd spend my unlimited cash filling up my all-American two-car dream garage:

Tesla Model S P85D ($132,420)

A full-on luxury rocket that also happens to be electric. Pretty damn fast, although also pretty damn expensive.


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Coupe ($111,720)

A hardcore American supercar (yes, a supercar!). With a manual and the Z07 package, because why not?


So, how would you fill yours? Hit some automakers' websites, configure some cars, and let me know!

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