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Confirmed Hax: STI + Wet Autocross

I finally got the rainy day I’d been waiting for to sneak the STI into a local autocross event. The surface wasn’t quite as wet as I was hoping for it to be, but it was still pretty moist with a few small puddles here and there. That turned out to be just enough to help equalize the 240TW tires to some degree and let the cheaty AWD system work its magic.


I’m not entirely confident in using the available brake / lift-off oversteer to my advantage yet, but the tried and true strategy of slow in, fast out worked just fine in the end. Well, minus that “ope” moment when I went a little too slow in at the 0:26 mark. It just brute-forced its way through whatever I asked of it, so all it took was a little patience and mindfulness of boost on my part to make fast times appear.

Final results put me at 1st in DS (of 3), and 2nd in both PAX and raw overall (of 70). First place went to one of our resident madmen in an ES MR2 Spyder by about 0.7 PAX / 0.2 raw seconds and looked like this for anyone curious:

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