This counts as the 4th time it’s broken a diff. Let’s see the official tally.

Stock diff: Ate the spider gears.

Parts car diff: Was in the process of eating the spider gears.

Parts car diff

Stock diff welded: Welds broke after a mishap on the tow truck. CV fell off partially and got jammed between the subframe but the tow guy just forced the car off so it put a fuckton of strain on the diff. This led to a crack(i assume) in the welds, it blowing up a few weeks later.

Stock welded diff part 2: Cut to a few days ago and I’m hearing a loud metallic smacking noise occasionally on starts and turns. At first I thought I didn’t bolt the subframe down all the way(from installing the bushing collars a couple weeks ago) but they were tight. I jacked the car up a minute ago with one side in the air and the other on the ground. Lo and behold the wheel spins a good 15-20° while the other is stationary.

Both diffs would need to be rebuilt due to having the lash way out of adjustment but I don’t have the knowledge to do that or the tools. And I’m fairly sure having them done at a shop with a dedicated spool would be more than the value of the car. Sooo now it’s to buying a gs diff or something with a better final drive(and not out of adjustment)