There's been quite some confusion surrounding the Renegade's options between when it was leaked and when it was officially shown, so I'm here to do the best I can with clearing them up.

First is the AWD system, and whether it's optional or standard. I don't have any definitive information on whether AWD is standard across all trims, but information points to AWD being at least an option on any Renegade. The exception is the Trailhawk trim, which gets AWD standard. As for the systems, it will use two: Non-Trailhawk Renegades get the Jeep Active Drive I system from the Cherokee. It sends 100% of the power to the front wheels until slip is detected, then shuttles power around as needed. It can send 100% of the power to any wheel. Trailhawk models get the new Jeep Active Drive Low system, which functions like Active Drive I in normal operation but includes a 4WD-Low setting that locks the front and rear axles together and sends power to all four wheels through a single PTU providing a 20:1 crawl ratio.

Next, engines. The base engine will be the 1.4L turbo four lifted almost straight out of the Dart Aero. (It appears to have been mildly tweaked for an 8-hp bump to 168, keeping the 184 lb-fts of torque). An option exists for a 2.4L NA four-cylinder from the Dart GT and base Cherokees. Manual 6-speed transmission is standard with the 9-speed automatic that the Chrysler group loves to put in new products as optional, though as can be expected most dealers will stock automatics. Sorry to say, the diesels are for foreign markets and will not appear in North America.

Last and least, minor toys and options. Optional safety systems include forward collision and lane departure warning systems. The TFT instrument screen makes an appearance with the right option boxes ticked. Uconnect is standard in a 5-inch guise with a 6.5-inch system optional including Uconnect Access.


And finally, the My Sky sunroof is a pair of removable opaque panels that can be left open like a traditional sunroof for the front row only or removed and stored in an area of the trunk to open up both rows to fresh air.


Expect more information from Jeep in the coming months with drive reviews in the summer, as they're aiming for a fall release.

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