The moment tens of you have been waiting for, my new daily. The key is a dead giveaway but what did I get?

I skipped all the usual DD suggestions (Civic, Corolla, etc.) and went for this rather neat E39.

It's a humble 523iA. It's not the fastest E39 out there and nor is it the best E39 (me thinks a 530d makes the best daily 5 series), but I've pretty much fallen for it.


Everything about this car has been just right. Power's not to shabby (170 horses), fuel economy's decent in heavy traffic (13L/100 kms or about 18.3 mpg, certainly better than my CR-V's 15L/100 kms or 15.8mpg) and the color's not too showy (imaginatively called Dark Blue or Dunkelblau).

It's not perfect at the moment. The headlining's gone saggy and the turn signals are on their way out. It's also slightly out of alignment but that's easy to mend. All things considered, I much rather have those "problems" than end up dealing with VANOS or anything underneath. When I got it, it was pretty much ready to drive and go. I love it.

My three year search for a BMW has ended. I hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship.