Congratulations Mini Guy!

Not only for getting a license, but also for living in a state where licenses aren’t given out as easily as bed bath and beyond coupons.

Everyday is bad hair day for TAE!

But as the nice people at the DMV told me, licenses here aren’t meant to regulate whether drivers are capable or not of driving but instead as a device to identify the driver of a car and to sanction said drivers. Meaning that this isn’t a license as much as a piece of plastic with my nationality and my tax payer ID (RFC) so that they can charge me speeding fines and what not.


The backside says it’s given on the basis of the Mexico City traffic code, it basically means legally that they assume I read and understood the whole booklet in case I break a traffic law. It’s like the Miranda Rights but without the “rights” part and just many Mirandas getting sanctioned for doing illegal u turns.

What does my license say if you scan the barcode on it?
My emergency contact, whether or not I need glasses to drive, and my bloodtype. I do need glasses to drive but I don’t wear glasses on the picture so, if I’m caught driving without my glasses I could blame it on an error by the clerks.


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