Your role: Save the have sunk ship that is Infiniti

Your company’s current status: Fucked; Your sales were down 43.9% in September and every single model you have suffered a double digit drop in sales.

Your model line up: Bad; your lineup is outdated and out classed. The newest model to come out with your badge is being clobbered.


Your turn around plan: (fill in here)

My plan to turn around this company starts with the QX50 and first I’d junk that overly complicated useless marketing tool of an engine. Second the entire infotainment package needs to be brought into 2019 almost 2020.

Next the QX30 needs a replacement, albeit a little cheaper and better refined. If I can literally shrink a better QX50, then we’re good.


The Q50 needs to be torn into pieces and brought up to spec that rivals Lexus, not Acura. The Sport trim needs to be sporty, the Luxe trim needs to be actually luxury; no more trying to be both. The current “Pure” trim needs to be expanded to encompass a good middle ground between sport and luxury


The Q60 can live on..but I’d consider axing it to focus on models that make money.

I don’t know what to do with the’s a pile of poop in a busy market. Axe it for a year and bring it back with a much needed full rebuild.


The QX60 and QX80 need to both die and in their place need to come a proper and better looking 5 seater luxury SUV followed by a 7 seater. Neither can look like melting fish or Japanese battleships.

Final verdict: We’re doomed

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