At the end of today's hearing with GM CEO, Mary Barra, Chairman Murphy suggested that GM do more to communicate the dangers of operating a vehicle with a non-repaired ignition switch. He went on to say that unless it shows up on some comedy channel most Americans won't get it. Because you know the mailbox is such a hassle and envelopes - ugh. AS if!

Well Mr. Murphy, I'm here to be your comedy channel. I've decided to do my part to ensure Americans, especially those driving ten year-old shit boxes from GM, get the message loud and clear.


Taking a play right out of Fiat's marketing book I've devised this handy GIF targeted at the American people Mr. Murphy referred to in his closing remarks.

Now owners both old AND YOUNG will learn of the dangers associated with putting heavy things on key rings, a problem that Mary Barra says is an "industry wide issue" that goes much further than just GM. "You can't believe the things I've seen on key rings" she said during the hearing.

Well Mary, here is your GIF to help you better reach the American people of America.