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Considering a C7 A6 (general thoughts and PPI recommendation)

Hey Opponauts, the SHO is something I think I’d rather not be burdened with anymore. I elected to keep buy it back from insurance, but I have however had some good offers on it, so I will probably sell it as it sits. Running, but ugly, lol.

So within my budget and my tastes, the C7 A6 has jumped out, I’d love to get the S6 with the 4.0T, but it’s just a bit outside of my budget, while the A6 is well under my budget and still has decent power with the 3.0T (especially APR tuned, which will be in the budget since this car is under budget) and decent transmission in the ZF 8-speed slush box.


From my extensive forum and reddit reading, it seems like a reliable car. I’d love to roll the dice on an older V10 S6 or something with the 4.2 V8, but YIKES.

I’m also still mulling over the Jaguar XF 3.0SC AWD.

I’m thinking of looking one in the Elmhurst IL area (Chicago burb), any recommendations on a place where I could get a PPI done?

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