The Talon is undoubtedly reliable as the day is long. Soon I’ll be adding a second Talon to my fleet. Winter is closing in, and that means it’s time to rip the motor out of the black FWD Talon for next year’s build, and I’ll be without a reliable transportation device.

I’m considering a performance SUV. I live in the snow belt, and I don’t want to drive a DSM in the salt. I’ve compiled some vehicles that fit my price range, and want to see what you all think. By buying one of these things, I’ll have the ability to my car to the track, drive through all weather types, plus the performance and luxury is great.

I love my older vehicles, but having the opportunity to enjoy some other newer vehicles lately makes me long for some creature comforts. My Talon just got a power steering delete and soon probably the rear seats. So for once, I’m the guy that takes comfort into account.

So far, this is what I’ve come up with.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Ah yes, with a 6.4 liter HEMI pumping 485 horsepower and a 0-60 of 4.4 seconds, it’s hard not to consider this beast. The interior is very nicely appointed and looks gorgeous in my humble opinion. I’ve raved about how much I love the uConnect interface, and all wheel drive of course is standard. The exterior is mean, but still subtle. These can be had in the $50,000 range with some pretty nice options, and the 6.4 has been a reliable mill. There’s a metric ass load of torque, so hauling my DSM should be an easy task.


Jaguar F Pace

Although my favorite journalist called it “average” it makes my list. The 3.0 supercharged model cranks out a respectable 380 horsepower and starts just under $60,000. Jaguar models depreciate as rapidly as a toddler art project, so I have no doubt a good deal could be had here. I find the exterior to be super attractive, and of course the interior is amazing. All wheel drive makes my snowy duties very feasible, but reliability remains a questionable aspect. I’d be looking at a CPO with a warranty for sure.

Audi SQ5

I can’t leave this one off, after all I love me some Audi. Starting at $55,000 with a 354 horsepower turbocharged V6, the Audi seems to offer a lot of bang for the buck. The exterior is gorgeous, and there’s no debating that’s Audi knows how to build an incredible interior. Quattro all wheel drive is legendary, and of course standard. This vehicle seems to offer it all, and hopefully depreciation will set in. However, Audi models, especially specialized models seem to retain value very well. Reliability remains unknown for now, but I’d take my chances.


So with that being said, what are some vehicles in this segment you’d recommend? Any experience with any of these models?