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Considering a wagon

To open, enjoy this 320i for sale:


Anyway, I’ve been considering getting a wagon. I don’t really care if it is auto or manual. I have about $3,200 to spend, and I’m considering selling my motorcycle in case I need to get a better wagon. So, here is what I am looking for in a wagon:

- room in the cargo space/trunk/boot. I need to put skateboards, safety gear, and backpacks back there.


- reliability or non-plagued cars. I’m avoiding the Allroad at this point.

- something decent looking and at least some power. Sorry, but I’m ruling out Outbacks and Camry wagons

- at least okay to use in winter if I’m careful. AWD is preferred.

- somewhat good on gas. Please consider the fact I have a 1993 Accord now that does about 28 mpg highway and city combined.


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