Considering Moving on From the S2k

Just thinking out loud

It’s been a great DD (for me at least) but the fact stands that I have two red sports cars. Not that I regret the Evora purchase, but wasn’t the most thought out purchase I’ve made in my life. I don’t really have the space/money to keep a fleet such as it is long term. The 5 isn’t all that much more refined as a DD (what sort of idiot modifies a minivan?!), not that I’ve used it much this summer.


I’ve been getting the mod itch of the s2000 and honestly, it’s probably cheaper to modify the evora, bolt on wise at least.

And honestly.... I miss the Yaris a bit. Wouldn’t mind having one with a few hundred thousand less miles on it. The newer ones much heavier than the 07 I had.

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