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Considering My Stance on Lowering Voter Age

I think we are too slow to react, too stubborn to adapt, and too self-obssessed to anticipate changes. I haven’t flushed out my thoughts yet but I definitely feel extremely favorable towards 16 year olds voting. I also think by 14 years of age we need to have these young teens involved and fully represented in commerce and consumerism.

I haven’t organized all the perspectives and surface arguments or even gone over my exact beliefs yet. All I know is that we are doing things too late and are forgetting that many things are taught through experience and education is a powerful supplement.

I’ll think this stuff over. My real issue comes from observing and experiencing (especially online) how few within my generation and probably many older ones missed out on understanding interdependence. However, I’m seeing preteens and teens cultivating or at least favoring an interdependent network which makes me feel as if they are moving ahead of where we with lawful privelege currently reside.


I figure out my exact perspective, organize it, and share it with you all after I go over some arguments with myself. Then I’ll open up the flood gates with your feedback and reevaluate my stance.

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