The rants or praises in list of course, don’t apply to any Oppos.

What brands/models/ kinds of cars do you find have the worst or best drivers, here’s my list:

(Note, for the sake of fairness, I’m not going to talk about taxi drivers or cops)

The best:

Mazda 3 drivers are mostly, to me, the least asshole-prone drivers. I can’t recall being ever tailgated by one, or cut off by one either. Plus, these are the most decisive drivers; they just get shit done and never block intersections for too long or leave their indicators on by accident.


Small Volvos: I find that people in S40s and S60 have never stood out in a crowd for being dicks. XC90 owners however.... they can suck more.

LR2 and Evoque drivers are pretty nice, coolheaded, easygoing drivers.

Personal trucks: With size comes responsibility I guess. I’ve never seen a person in a non-comercial truck drive badly or without respect for other drivers.


Non-Pruis hybrid owners tend to be quite nice and not absolutely self absorbed like some Prius drivers are.

The worse:


Golf GTI drivers are self-absorbed, abusive, unrestrained idiots. I’ve never seen more cars being driven badly or at too high a speed than a GTI.

Mercedes G wagon owners in general are massive idiots that abuse every opportunity the have to screw over everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got into a fight over a parking space


Most Audi SUV drivers tend to be incompetent in the city and too fast on the highway.

Passat V6/ Accord V6 drivers are just the least safe drivers, hands down. I’ve never been tailgated more by any other make or model than the those in V6 trim. I mean, not to offend BM2 or anything.... Just saying it how it is


BMW 320i/BMW X6 drivers fall under the GTI category but a bit less crash-y

Jeep Wrangler drivers are going, constantly and on every road, too fast. Plus they’re eager to cut everyone they see off, hog two lanes because they don’t fit, and also climb curbs. I mean... why? Is it a jeep thing to just jump a curb during a traffic light and sit there with two wheels on the curb and two on the road? It’s maddening.


What about me?

I consider myself an asshole driver. I’m not even gonna lie. I do have some principles:

I don’t get into fights

I follow (or impose) the right of way rules on roudabouts

I always zipper merge

I never cut lines or drive above the speed limit in school zones or residential streets.