The truck I was supposed to buy today was sold out from under me yesterday. I think the thing I’m most annoyed by is that I can’t really be annoyed about it. Let me explain.

I was going to buy the truck for $800. The guy said Thursday night that he would hold it for me (I didn’t ask him to, and I hadn’t given a deposit). I spoke to him yesterday, got the address, and told him I had cash and had reserved a trailer for today. He said okay.


Several hours later, maybe 8pm, he told me somebody came by and offered him about twice what he was asking for the truck ($1500) and he sold it, sorry. My immediate reaction was to be pissed off, but you know...I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t have done the same thing.

So last night yeah, I was pretty mad about it. Not at the seller, at the dickhead who bought the truck. That was my damn truck bro, fuck off and find your own.


Anyway, today I went out and picked up this awesome Bosch reciprocating saw off Craigslist:

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My power tools are all Bosch, I’ve never had a bad Bosch tool, so this will fit right in. It’s a BIG bitch, 14 or 15 amps with a 1.25 inch stroke and it’s hefty as all hell. It’s also, shockingly for a pretty new tool, made in America. For $60, I feel pretty good about it. Maybe not quite as good as I felt about that truck for $800, but whatever. Hopefully it spontaneously combusts as that prick trailers it home.

I’m not bitter though.

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