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Conspiracy nuts

There is a widely listened to local morning show that I sometimes listen to on my drive in to work. While I enjoy them for the most part, when they stray into subjects on science and politics....oh boy...they are misinformed to say the least.

Today they strayed into what I’d almost consider dangerous territory with some serious misinformation. They were reading a conspiracy theory that (from what I remember) is COVID-19 was created in a lab in China that is funded by Bill Gates and that the researchers in that lab used to work in a lab in the US, but Obama revoked permission for them to continue developing this strain because it was too dangerous, so they left and went to China.


So the TLDR for this is “Thanks Obama”

And neither of the primary hosts questioned ANYTHING about this claim.

Here’s FactCheck on a lot of this mis-information.

They also start talking about how it really doesn’t seem like it’s as big a deal as the media is making it out to be, because “LoOk aT HoW mAnY pEOplE dIe FrOm tHe rEgULar FlU”


The part that really gets me is one of the segment guys (not there for the whole show) brings up that this is very serious for the elderly and one of the main hosts starts questioning THOSE numbers. “Do we REALLY know it is? Where did those number come from? How big of a study was it? etc...etc”

I was audibly saying “What the F***!” in my car.

On top of all that they kept referring to it as the “Wuhan virus”, not the coronavirus or COVID-19. Probably not to hard to guess what their political leanings are.

Anyways...stay safe out their oppo. And please don’t buy into BS conspiracy theories.

Super nice CCLB OBS Ford for your time.

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