I want you to throw some ideas at me regarding my dad’s garage, or perhaps more specifically, the widening or conversion of the typically British narrow garage doorway.

He gets his Mustang this week, and while it *just* fits through, it’s only by 5cm on either side. Knowing my old man, he’ll prang it.

The central pillar cannot be removed or thinned without replacement of the lintles with a full width RSJ and double-and-a-half wide door, an expensive option - so the current idea is to partition the two garages, remove the left hand garage door and framework effectively turning it into a car port and giving an extra 10cm of leeway on each side. That’s 15cm (6in) in total on each side and not unrealistic, while still remaining cost effective. We’ll also install a drop-down pillar into the front of the car port for when he’s away on holiday. He doesn’t want to leave it outside, so are there any other options?