Consumer Reports Lowest Reported Cars of 2019

Want to see a concise version of the report in video form? Well you’re in luck, here’s the video.

The typical suspects are present - FCA, Nissan, and Honda since CR seems to have big issues with their infotainment and push button shifter.


My notes -

~The Dodge Journey isn’t a fair pick. That vehicle is an American treasure and should be respected. It’s so outdated that putting it on this list is almost pointless. (Sorry my former fca salesmen bias is showing)

~Since this is Oppo, I feel obligated to defend the Tacoma. I get their points, it’s not the fastest and it could be more refined, however, comparing it to a 12 year old (or more?) Frontier, I’d take the taco any day.


A A Crossroad one never hopes to take. Circa 2009

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