It’s been a loooooong time since I last posted on Oppo. Just been lurking and have been extremely busy working. I’m bored with my current car and as usual it’s time for something different. My 2003 X5 has systematically destroyed my pockets and I want out before the next thing breaks. Here is a list of what I’ve replaced since September:

Passenger Window Regulator

Passenger Door Latch

2 O2 Sensors

Driver Door Latch

Driver Interior Handle

Radiator Cap (Kept saying low coolant so I popped the hood and found the culprit)

Engine Oil Filler Cap (Oil was mysteriously burning and I could here valves ticking so tracked that down as well)


Transfer Case

Driver Side Rear Door Carrier (Still haven’t replaced so currently Left Rear door is permanently closed).


In short I’ve spent an astonishing amount on this car and I’m through!

I wan’t something fun to drive and under the $10k mark since I’ll be financing and have a budget set in mind. I also prefer something that gets better than 22.5MPG on the highway even on it’s best day. City mileage is a measly 16MPG, fortunately prices are still low for premium.


I’ve always had this weird attraction to the HHR SS and two have popped up in the nearby area. They also happen to be in my favorite color. They’re about the same price with approximately the same mileage. I plan on calling both dealerships and asking which has Brembo Brakes because I REALLY want one equipped with the Performance Pack.