I have worked in the engineering and maintenance world of our small Atlanta based people moving enterprise for what qualifies as “a long time”. I am starting to contemplate making a change.

I have no intention in leaving the company. They treat us well and the benefits are amazing. I’m just thinking that it may be time to explore other aspects of the business. I’ve been lucky enough to be in smaller group discussions with some of our C suite folks about their career. The common thread has been getting out of your comfort zone and how that leads to development.

The big trick is jumping from one silo to another. Lots of talk in the business world about not having silos, but they exist. You can’t escape the fact that opportunities tend to go to people the hiring manager knows. It’s just nature. You give opportunities to those you have confidence in. So, to counter that I’m thinking of putting in for some crazy stuff. You never know. One of the conversations we had with a VP had him telling a story that he recently posted an MD spot, two levels above me, and only 4 people applied. Blows my mind. Sure, pressure and responsibility goes up substantially, but you old think there would be more people down for it.

One of my old teachers used to tell us that we needed to risk and grow. Might be time for that.


Also, F-104 and X-15 combos are awesome.